Under a Palm Tree on Wireless

In 2009, I became a full-time resident of Hawaii to be with my newlywed wife Karen. When we started dating she said that I’d have to come to her as she wasn’t leaving the islands. It took my brain a nano-second to go, “like, Yayz!” So we dated. And got into running. And swimming. And even got a dog. It was bliss.

IMG_4316Then I started hearing about “rock fever” which is where transplants like me go stir crazy because supposedly there’s not the same kind of intellectual stimulation here as on the mainland. What if I got it? Would I have to leave? Without Karen? What about our friends and dog? So I decided to stay on the rock for a full year to test my island fortitude. Well, the year flew by and I was diggin’ it more and more each day. So I popped the question, tied the knot and now enjoy an awesome life in paradise.

The rock fever thing turned out to be no problemo for me–but I gotta admit that I’m indebted to those who invented the Internet: it makes it possible for me to enjoy perma-summer here yet maintain contact with the rest of the world. We live in a truly great time and I’m thankful for all the brainiacs out there who’ve done so much to set us free. Mahalo and aloha all you nerdiacs!