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Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head Lemonade Alley, Big Buzz at, Chairman Bizgenics Foundation
Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head Lemonade Alley, Big Buzz at, Chairman Bizgenics Foundation
Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head Lemonade Alley, Big Buzz at, Chairman Bizgenics Foundation
Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head Lemonade Alley, Big Buzz at, Chairman Bizgenics Foundation
Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head Lemonade Alley, Big Buzz at, Chairman Bizgenics Foundation


Steve Sue is best known as a champion of the Shaka gesture having produced the documentary, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” and founding Project Shaka, a movement to share aloha through the Shaka. As part of Project Shaka, he wrote the 2024 bill that made the Shaka the Official Gesture of Hawai’i and created the Hawai’i DMV Shaka License Plate. He serves as Chairperson at ID8 (ide•ate), the Hawai’i 501C3 nonprofit that produced the Shaka film and Project Shaka.

Steve is also a social venturer as the owner of O-WOW, Inc., a branding and digital automation firm that specializes in custom software, app and website solutions including publication of itʻs own titles such as, a free visually-oriented financial forecasting application.

His career includes 25 years as a story expert, conceptualist and social venturer in entertainment, hospitality, food service, retail, product and software. Steve holds a BA in design from UCLA and a JD in law from UC Berkeley.


Conceptualist: Steve’s education in design and law resulted in a career as a conceptualist and “story guy” of theme parks, live entertainment productions, corporate theater, retail environments, restaurants, product brands and resort casinos.

Software Developer: In his mid-career, Autodesk provided a turning point by licensing his signature hand-drawing style for use within AutoCAD products. While helping create algorithms to mimic drawings by hand, he learned how to develop software. Soon after, he began developing software products.

Social Venturer: In 2009, Steve married his dream girl and settled in Hawai’i. Since then, Steve has created ventures from Hawai’i, including, a visually-based financial forecasting application. He also has executed local projects including the rebranding of Waikiki Trolley, and the creation of ChefZone for Y. Hata & Company, Punahou School’s GlobalAloha volunteerism app and a food bank app for The Pantry.

Educator: Through ID8 501C3, Steve is known as a pioneer of project-based learning, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship models having created Lemonade Alley (a culinary entrepreneurship challenge), Project Lemon Tree (a school tree planting program), (a project-based learning application) and a number of PBL curriculum models for entrepreneurship, app development and search engine optimization (“SEO”) writing. He also founded ID8 Studios (a digital media soundstage operated by ID8 for the State of Hawai‘i) and is the producer/writer of, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” (a documentary on the origin and meanings of the Shaka gesture).

Boards & Advisory: Steve serves on local boards, advisory groups and mentorships including Feeding Hawai’i Together, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawai’i, Aloha Chapter, Scouting BSA (Steve is an Eagle Scout), Blue Startups, Hawai’iloa EcosySTEM Cabinet, A’o Aloha Social Emotional Learning Collaborative, Hawai’i State Workforce Development Council and the James Campbell High School Academy Advisory Board.









We are the sum of others: Steve’s mentor math…

Life Basics

Steve Shapers Love: My mom, Darlene Sue taught me how to love, live and give. Since my dad was a super-hard worker, she was the one to teach me sports and how to be a boy. She taught me how to compete (we played doubles tennis tourneys). And how to be a

Art & Design

Design Thinkers Color Theory: Celebrated color theorist Vasa Mihich pulled me from the muck of econ majors at UCLA. I took Vasa’s class on a whim and he took me under his wing. Vasa told me I had to be a designer. He asserted that I had talent. I knew he was right.


I’ll Always Love a Good Show Events: Oakland homee John Murray runs a slammin’ production house. We’ve done countless shows together from fashion, to galas, to music, to parades, to ice shows, to pageants. With John, I learned the art of the live show and that live production never goes exactly


Innovation Mentors The Law: My entry point to business was the study of law at UC Berkeley. The frank truth is that I sucked at the law. But two guys at the law school kept me in the game. Sandy Kadish, renowned criminal law professor taught me that the law is well-meaning.


Geek Speak Software: In the late 90’s, I was introduced to software development by Michael Perrani. Mike brought me to Autodesk to make AutoCAD’s straight line computer drawings into hand-hewn Steve-style concept drawings. Through the process, I developed a taste for the art of software. Mike taught me that we could


The Meaning of Life Benevolence: In Hawai’i, people that are close as blood but not biologically related, are called hanai family. I’m lucky to have several hanai, including Po Chi Wu and family. Po Chi is an academic and venture capitalist. He’s also pedigreed (his father was known in China as The

Just take your time. Let the others go… then catch the big one.”

~ Duke Kahanamoku, Legendary Surfer


Ideas. Stories. Shakas

Hero Maker

“Chief Lemon Head” at Project Lemon Tree. Shaka Guy at Project Shaka. See, »

Social Venturer

Serving people, the planet and philanthropies. See SumoSum »


Innovation, creativity, values curriculum, see Books » and  O-WOW.COM »


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