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Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head at Lemonade Alley, Big Buzz at, and champion of "Profit to Share!" at Bizgenics Foundation

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Shakas: Origin & meaning of the Shaka gesture, Shaka Film “Shaka, A Story of Aloha,” Project Shaka Movement, Shaka Therapy, CSR/DEI chats. 

Storytelling: Digital media, film, documentary production, producing, writing, studio management.

Digital Communications: SEO, social media, e-commerce, web development, conversion optimization, content strategy, social media, app development, recommendation engines, Adobe Creative Cloud.

Business & Social Ventures: Social ventures, startups, entrepreneurship, Lean Startup Method, design-thinking, Google Sprint Methodology, Mission & Vision development, business planning, financial forecasting, IP, branding, naming, company identity, pitching, apps, e-commerce, foreign outsourcing, hospitality, food service, retail, location-based entertainment.

SumoSum Financial Forecasting: Visual forecasting and concept development. 

Nonprofits: Theory of Change, Logic Modeling, Mission & Vision development, grant-writing, volunteerism, branding for nonprofits, program development, partnering. 

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