Geek Speak

  • Software: In the late 90’s, I was introduced to software development by Michael Perrani. Mike brought me to Autodesk to make AutoCAD’s straight line computer drawings into hand-hewn Steve-style concept drawings. Through the process, I developed a taste for the art of software. Mike taught me that we could logically explain and create formulas for all the soft, unconscious stuff that poured out of my pens. Through him I learned that there is rhyme and reason behind everything. There is order to the world. Thanks Mike for bringing me to your world.
  • Macs: For years, I’d been back and forth between PCs and Macs ~ until I met John Finn. John is a motion graphics guy best known for creating fancy TV show animation intros. He’s also a wickedly talented photographer. John got me into Macs once and for all. While the phones and pads are great, the real move forward was getting into graphics, photo and video features that Macs excel at. Thanks John for bringing me into the 21st century, for putting up with all my stupid questions and all the years carousing at the Foundation Room.
  • Web: The Internet for me is the result of a chain reaction. John Finn (noted above) introduce me to John LeBlanc. LeBlanc has a way with the Web, people and music. I’m not sure which he is most proficient at, but there’s no doubt that he’s a master of all. John brought me to the world of the Internet, SXSW and WordPress. He’s the best example of a person who’s 100% present and real. I love his style and I love him as a true friend. I’m a fan. John’s girlfriend, now wife unit, Kimee Balmilero would certainly chime in here with a “Bromance…” line. OK, while true, I also look up to Kimee for her teaching me witty smarts through her improv acting techniques. Kimee is also 100% invested in the non-profit work we do together so silly girl: jettison the bromance line and get it on with a three-some snipe. BTW, I should sneak in a blurb on Lance Lew who introduced me to both Finn and LeBlanc. Quite the cascade. Lance is a connector, immensely talented and a true friend. He’s been a TV guy for as long as I’ve known him and we’ve done countless events together. He can arrange flowers like all get out, is a foodie and throws the most amazing parties ever. Recently, he picked up Lemonade Alley and ran it in the SF Bay Area through NBC and YMCA. More than anything, he’s 100% caring and thinks of others. Thanks Lance for thinking of us all.