The Meaning of Life

  • Benevolence: In Hawai’i, people that are close as blood but not biologically related, are called hanai family. I’m lucky to have several hanai, including Po Chi Wu and family. Po Chi is an academic and venture capitalist. He’s also pedigreed (his father was known in China as The Father of Physics). But what’s most impressive about Po Chi are his philosophical powers. Whenever we’re together we talk. A lot. More than imaginable. The rest of the family knows to clear out. Yet while he has great intellectual powers and deep perspective, the best part of Po Chi is that he is wise and full of love. I think of him as the Benevolent Venture Capitalist ~ kind of like a vegetarian shark. Po Chi: Thank you for sharing so much of your life force, encouraging words and most of all the love of your entire family.
  • Perspective: I talk frequently with my brother Alan (AJ) Sue. It’s said that asking the right question is 90% of problem solving and Alan is the King of the Question. Alan and I share a love for nerding on biz. And we’re both at the stage where we’re trying to figure out the “Why?” of life. Despite Alan being my younger brother, I consider him to be one of my mentors. Alan: I’m proud of the rock star you’ve turned out to be. On the point of siblings, It would be stupid of me not to recognize my sister Linda Sue for always supporting my antics and being so caring, and my brother Larry Sue who despite hogging all the brains in the gene pool, never threw it back in our faces. All of the kids in our family are highly unique. All have different perspectives. Yet we are one. I love all you guys.
  • Love & Light: I thought I was well balanced until I met Karen Asato. As a swashbuckling concept guy, I thought I was pretty good on the right-brain side. But Karen pushes my hippy-dippy every day. She helps me shed shackles I don’t even know are there. More importantly, she is the very essence of unconditional love. She lets me be me. That’s important and deserve an encore: she lets Me Be Me. No matter how whacky my ideas might seem at the time, she lets me be me. And she stands by me through thick and thin. Together, we hold hands, spit into the wind and laugh. Karen and I both work from home. We’re together 24/7. And we’re entirely copacetic: no strife, no strain, all love. Karen: you are the love of my life. That may sound trite but I’ve never felt truly at home with anyone else. You are good through and through. I love you and everything about you. Also on the home-front, there’s Mia the Dog. Yeah, you’re thinking, “Really… the dog is his mentor?” Yes. Mia keeps it real. She is wise and an old spirit. I’m caught in a life as a workaholic like my Dad. I can’t do enough in a day. But Mia knows priorities. Eat. Play. Poo. Snuggle. She’s very powerful. She only has to look at me and I’m on the floor with her rolling around like a dog on crack. Trigger words to us are, “snackies” “walk” and “bath” ~ I like to spring the last one on her just to keep it real… Ha! Take that you little mutt! Mia keeps it real… and is the light of our lives.