I’ll Always Love a Good Show

  • Events: Oakland homee John Murray runs a slammin’ production house. We’ve done countless shows together from fashion, to galas, to music, to parades, to ice shows, to pageants. With John, I learned the art of the live show and that live production never goes exactly as planned. He taught me how to remain cool and improvise quick solutions when things melt down. John has style and swagger. I thank him for sharing his wisdom and so many good times.
  • Voice: at one point in my career, I was doing so much scenic design that I thought I should learn a bit about the performance side. So I enrolled in Samantha Paris‘ voice acting school. I did three years with Sam and even went out on a few VO calls. I learned how to project, feel, physicalize, talk in colors and most importantly, share as a person. Thx Sam for making me and so many others a better people.
  • Actors et. al: I once did a show that required rounding up a bunch of actors. At the time, all roads lead to James Hong, character actor extraordinaire and Godfather of Asian actors. Aside from delivering the talent, James ended took me under his wing. We had many whacky adventures together and I consider him and his family Hanai. He taught me about being big and being open. Another LA clan that included me as their own is Debi G___‘s family. Thanks to all you guys for teaching me how to tell a story and that The Industry isn’t just full of bozos. And in recent years, thanks to my partner in many crimes, Kimee Balmilero who has made me sweat in her improv acting and comedy classes. Kimee is truly a special talent, but more importantly a huge heart. She and now husband John LeBlanc (see my notes on Tech Mentorship) have been there every step of the way through our nonprofit works like Lemonade Alley.