Steve Shapers

  • Love: My mom, Darlene Sue taught me how to love, live and give. Since my dad was a super-hard worker, she was the one to teach me sports and how to be a boy. She taught me how to compete (we played doubles tennis tourneys). And how to be a good sport. She was frugal beyond being Chinese so I learned the art of getting by on less. She taught me how to smile and get smiles out of others. Mom was a star of stars. You’re the best Mom and I love you.
  • Determination: My pop, John Sue was a landscape architect turned contractor turned real estate developer. He taught me grindstone determination and perseverance. He taught me how to be an entrepreneur. He taught me the meaning of “GSD” decades before it became a popular saying. Every time I win, I think, “This one’s for you Dad.” Now that I’m sort of grown up, I see I’ve turned into him in many ways. SCARY! But I don’t hate the result. Thanks for the hard love Dad. I love you.
  • Differentiation: My 3rd & 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Selby encouraged me to blossom in the arts at the expense of compromised STEM and 3Rs. I eventually caught up on all that stuff years later. But supporting my unique qualities was a risk and therefore an amazing thing for them to do. I doubt that modern-day teachers would take on the liability of such backing. But so far, I haven’t chainsawed anyone yet, so I think their strategy has a chance of working out.
  • Connecting: My Boy Scout leader Greg Hyde was just “Greg” to all of us. I take that with me today having the kids call me “Mr. Steve” rather than Mr. Sue. Like Greg, I aspire to connect like him. He was a rock star. And he was a consummate outdoorsman. Through him, I learned how to see nature, tie knots, be resourceful and survive. Thanks Greg for belaying me up the first pitch of life.