Full Bio

Steve Sue

Steve’s career began with degrees in design (BA, UCLA) and law (JD, UC Berkeley). The combination turned out to be a good balance for conceptual work and what is now known as Design-Thinking. Through the years, Steve emerged as a unique combination of creative and business skills.

Home Builder

Steve began as a home builder. His parents didn’t endorse a career in the arts and he didn’t care to practice law, so he started building homes for sale. Timing for the start of his company,

Bedrock Homes, was concurrent with the Oakland Hills fire which destroyed 3,500 residences. The result was exponential growth. In 1994, Bedrock was named the 6th fastest growing company in the SF Bay Area and Steve became a sought-after design-builder of custom homes.

Design Thinking

But building homes just wasn’t “home” for Steve. And as his business grew, he became a multi-faceted designer creating multi-family, commercial, foodservice and entertainment environment experiences. Soon he was a top “hired-gun” at advertising agencies, branding firms, entertainment companies and event production firms. A key moment in Steve’s career was meeting Bill Bardsley, a top casino conceptualist. Bill mentored Steve, improved his drawing skills and introduced him to Las Vegas where they designed mega-resorts together for a couple years. Bill then retired leaving Steve the keys to Vegas. For a decade, Steve created mega-resort casinos around the globe under another key mentor, Paul Steelman, businessman and architect extraordinaire. In addition to Vegas, Steve concurrently worked in LA and SF executing theme parks, scenic design and environmental branding. Steve’s drawing style became so well-known that Autodesk, maker of AutoCAD, engaged him to create Impressions, a software program that converts AutoCAD drawings into Steve’s drawing style.

Business Strategy & Software

As projects became larger and more complex, Steve found himself managing both creatives and business consultants. This gave him a unique perspective on the gaps between business strategy and design implementations. At the same time, his experience with Autodesk gave him insights into how to product software resulting in his authorship of BizGym.com, a cloud-based entrepreneurs growth software. Along the way, he authored Bizgenics® Business Genome Theory to power BizGym. Steve also owns interests in RankHI, a digital marketing agency, BitHut.com, a premium website hosting service and LeiHut.com, an online store of Hawaii products.

Profit to Share!

In 2011, BizGym.com spawned a kid-biz challenge called Lemonade Alley. As founder, Steve became known as the “Chief Lemon Head” of the event that features teams of K-12th grade kids inventing a recipe, building a stand, pitching on stage and donating proceeds to a charity of their choice. After the first year, Capital One Bank offered a grant to make it an annual event so the 501C3 BizGym Foundation was created to accept grant proceeds and continue annual production. BGF also produces several programs that empower the creation of legacy through business including BizzyB.com, a project-based learning platform. BizGym Foundation’s mantra: “Profit to Share!”

At Home

Steve lives in Honolulu with wife Karen and dog Mia. They love their island paradise and are full of gratitude for being blessed with so many talented, giving and loving people who have made their life experience rich and rewarding.